If you are looking for new stylish ways to heat your home then underfloor heating could be the solution for you. Not only is it appealing to your feet in the winter when the floor is meant to be cold, it's also a great way of saving space by not installing bulky radiators.

Conservatory Underfloor Heating

Benefits of Underfloor Heating.

There are multiple different benefits to having underfloor heating, the main benefit being there are no radiators which can take away from a beautifully designed room.

Also underfloor heating is a very efficient way of heating a room. Heat is emitted gently though out the whole surface area of the floor, heating the room quicker. Rather than one source of heat like a radiator. Meaning there are no cold spots in the room.

Types of Underfloor Heating

There are many different types of underfloor heating.

Electric Mat Underfloor Heating Systems

These electric mat systems feature cables attached to mesh mats. These can include the electrical elements embedded into a continuous roll, making it easier to install within larger rooms. These systems are easier to install than wet systems but tend to have a higher running cost.

Hot Water (Wet) Underfloor Heating Systems

Wet systems essentially use the hot water from the central heating system. Water is pumped through the plastic pipes. This is a cost effective method of underfloor heating as the water temperature is lower than standard radiators.

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Employers and landlords are responsible by law, for the prevention of any harm coming to employees, tenants or customers when using electrical equipment. AJC Electrical offers an inspection and testing service and is fully qualified to undertake PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing) for your organisation or business.

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AJC Electrical Services specialises in both domestic and commercial work. Due to our wide range of experience we have dealt with most types of electrical work that come our way, this means we will also consider light industrial, agricultural and insurance work.

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Here at AJC Electrical we supply and install underfloor heating systems. These offer a modern and comfortable alternative to standard radiator systems. Our underfloor heating solutions are ideal for any home and can be used with both gas or ground source energy.

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